Monday, January 07, 2008

New Talky Blog!

I forgot to put this up last week so here we is our weekly talky blog? How is YOUR New Years Resolution going? We discussed with this weeks "talky blog". Watch and enjoy....

Friday, January 04, 2008

Prusha Snow Extraveganza #2

Is that how you spell extraveganza? I don't know....=)
More Pictures from a few weeks ago when my side of the family got together for Christmas...

My little sis Cait gets some air!

My brother Tim gives a wink as he hits the ramp he built

Brother Josh (you can see my brother in law ben and my Brother Joe in the background) trying to snowboard...with a sled

And Joe Bites it....

This is my grandma and grandpa opening one of their gifts

My mom and dad looking at a scrapbook my sister made for them of their 35 years lady moment!

My nephew Tristan getting into my mom's Christmas look of getting caught!

Hope your Christmas was filled with joy and precious memories!

Prusha Snow Extragveganza #1

Well hello there!
Long time no talk! I have been on a much needed blog break - things got VERY busy for us starting in November which is reflected in the fact I have had ZERO blog posts since then BUT New Year New Me =) so I thought I would post some pics from my side of the family! It was Christmas with the Prushas and all the kids went sledding in my parents backyard...not a great sledding hill...but we had great fun! Here's proof!
My beautful oldest Jack

Me (without makeup...ick) and my sister Caitlin and my prego sister-in-law Erika

My brother Josh (his twin sister Emily took all the pictures) and his new bride Jen

Jack hit a tree...but unlce Joe called him a warrior and he thought that was the coolest!

My hubby and my baby Owen go for a ride...I love Owen's face!

More to come!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Check out our new talky blog!

It is that time of the week!
A new talky blog with my gal Ceci
Topic of the morning: Well we range from collared shirts to chocolate dipped cones to social clubs...random and fun!

Click Here to watchy the talky!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking for your Nascar Name?

I had a few people request this list of names that we did on the morning show a few weeks ago...I have been meaning to put this up forever but I keep forgetting -
I actually got this from a blog I visit quite often - if you are a mom you will LOVE this website...full of cool pictures and fun stuff. I have NO idea who this lady is but I love to read her that creepy?!?! =)

So here is the list - find out your Nascar Name your Weather Name, your Spy Name and More by clicking the link below!!
Find YOUR Name!

Check out our Talky Blog!

Ceci and I have completed our most recent "talky blog" - I am not too keen on the whole video blog thing but Ceci is all about it so I have volunteered to hang out with her on Wednesday mornings for a few minutes...and the fun begins!!
Check it out my clicking here!!
Talky Blog City!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Can you believe we are raking leaves in shorts?!

I told my husband...we shouldn't be sweating raking these feels like July! The boys were REALLY hot so they made me "transport" them via the Red Rider to and from the giant leaf pile!

Once we got in the leaf pile...the fun only lasted 3 minutes the boys were sweaty leading to leaves ALL OVER themselves...we will go back out when it finally feels like October - but hey I got good pictures out of it!! =)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pants People...

I am constantly amazed by my children.
What I see is a pair of pants that my husband has left on the living room boys see "pants people" - using the pockets for hands they become crazy "blobs" that look for more pants to feed is just my boys or is this normal?!?

I love the fact that they have wild imaginations...I only wish that I would have that same imagination some time...we tend to lose it a bit on the road to adulthood.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Wedding Day Pics!

Thought you might like to see some pics from my brother's wedding last month...
My youngest brother, he is number 5 of 6 (has a twin sister Emily who is 6 minutes older) is Josh and his new bride is Jen. She is an INCREDIBLE addition to the Prusha family - She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet with a smile that lights up a room. My brother is never happier then when Jen is around....she is his perfect match.
They got married in Ohio on the last weekend in August...there is a picture of Jen getting ready on her big day, a picture of the two of them by this super sweet castle we took pictures in... a picture of my son Owen keeping himself busy before the wedding (he was a ring bearer)... a picture of my parents laughing at my boys who were the ringbearers from you know where... =) and a picture of my brother and new sister right after the big announcement.
If you want to see more...there is a sneak peek slideshow where you can see what a wonderful job the photographers did - the pictures are fabulous...and of course there is one of me where i am balling my eyes out...pathetic!! =) Enjoy!!